What’s Inside

At Liquid Fence® brand, we love nature and take pride in creating lush outdoor areas to enjoy with friends and family. So, it’s important to us that our products are effective at deterring unwanted animal destruction to lawns and landscaping, while being harmless to plants and animals*. Our products contain ingredients that you’ve probably heard of before like garlic, cinnamon oil and thyme oil, that were specially selected for their natural animal deterrent properties.

Take a closer look at how our products work:

What's Inside

Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Animals instinctively stay away from certain smells and tastes that contain sulfur compounds like those found in urine from mammal predators and meat protein. One whiff or nibble triggers prey-response behaviors. Animal repellents that contain feed-grade egg powder and garlic, such as Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent products, induce this same fear. When applied to your lawn or landscaping, it creates an invisible barrier that is highly effective at deterring deer and rabbits.

Liquid Fence® Mole Repellent

Drive out destructive moles. Liquid Fence® Mole Repellent products contain castor oil that coats underground food sources, such as earthworms and grubs, making them undesirable for moles to eat. With a lack of food source available, moles will retreat and search for other areas to dine.

What's Inside

What's Inside

Liquid Fence® All-Purpose Animal Repellent

Protect your plants from hungry critters like squirrels, raccoons and mice with Liquid Fence® All-Purpose Animal Repellent. Our scent- and taste-deterrent formula contains cornmint oil, cinnamon oil, castor oil and garlic oil that induce fear and prey-response behaviors, so they’ll steer clear of the treated area.

Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent

Aggressive and territorial geese can quickly take over your outdoor space. Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent contains ingredients that makes the food supply in the application area very undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks. The elimination of the food source will change the feeding habits of these birds and cause them to look for a more desirable feeding location.

What's Inside

What's Inside

Liquid Fence® Dog & Cat Repellent

Fend off unwelcome visits from strays or keep your own pets from marking and digging in landscaping. Pets like to habitually visit the same areas to perform their “duties” and instinctually seek those familiar animal scents. Liquid Fence® Dog & Cat Repellent contains citronella oil, eugenol, garlic oil, cinnamon oil and geraniol to mask those familiar odors. The lack of familiar scents repels dogs and cats from treated areas. One treatment is effective for at least a week. To break a pattern of habitual behavior, apply more frequently.

Liquid Fence® Snake Repellent

Keep snakes from slithering into your yard with Liquid Fence® Snake Repellent. Made with cornmint oil and cedarwood oil, this granular formula works immediately to obstruct snakes’ senses of taste and smell. Plus, the naphthalene-free formula is safe to use around kids and pets*.

*When used as directed.

What's Inside