How to Safeguard Your Garden from Foraging Pests

Few things in life can be as frustrating as a destroyed garden. You put so much hard work into your garden; waking up to see your hard work tarnished is enough to anger even the most seasoned of experts. That’s why we’re here to help. With a few tips and tricks, we’ll teach you how to safeguard your garden from pests and invading animals. Keep your eyes peeled and your garden green with these need-to-know tips.


Deer, rabbits, and other hungry wild animals see your garden as a three-course meal. Whether you live closer to the woods or are in the suburbs, these animals will weave their way through neighborhoods to party in your garden. Cut the festivities short with a few of these preventative measures:

New Solution

Use Animal Repellent

Use Animal Repellent: Animal repellent creates a barrier around your garden, protecting it from would-be pests. Whether you’re dealing with rabbits, geese, deer, or even snakes, animal repellents can help to keep the pests away.

Coffee Grounds

Sprinkling coffee grounds among your plants may help to ward off small mammals due to coffee’s powerful scent. Plus, it composts naturally over time, giving your plants some extra nutrients!

What's Inside
What's Inside

Offer an Alternative

Sometimes, animals just need to know there are other options available. If birds are headed to your garden, installing a birdfeeder can encourage them to snack on seeds. If deer or rabbits are bugging your plants, consider installing a place where deer and rabbits can eat food pellets.