Liquid Fence Wasp + Hornet Killer
13.5 oz Aerosol Spray


Eco-friendly & Guaranteed Effective

When homeowners have wasps and hornets around the home, they want them gone - fast. New Liquid Fence Wasp + Hornet Killer, an eco-friendly, non-toxic aerosol spray, destroys the entire nest and comes with a "100% Kill" guarantee.

Easy to use...

The powerful spray reaches in excess of 15 feet, getting to most second-story eaves. No ladders or extra equipment are needed to reach out-of-the-way areas where many nests hide, allowing homeowners to "keep a safe distance" from the nest.

Available in convenient 13.5 oz aerosol spray cans, Liquid Fence Wasp & Hornet Killer has a pleasant botanical scent, leaves no pesticide residue and is safe to use around kids and pets.

Unlike water-based solutions that run the risk of potential electrocution when sprayed near electrical wires, Liquid Fence Wasp + Hornet Killer is oil-based and electrically non-conducting up to 27,500 Volts - safe to use against nests tucked near electrical outlets and wires.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Kills fast
  • 100% Kill Guarantee!
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Kills the entire nest
  • Electrically non-conducting
13.5 oz Aerosol Spray


Kills Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

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