Are turkeys Terrorizing Your Pets & Family?

Take back your property from turkeys, geese and ducks.

Unsightly, unhealthy bird droppings can ruin the outdoor experience for everyone. Damaging grass and other vegetation, polluting ponds, and spreading disease, geese can actually endanger humans with aggressive, nasty behavior.

Loud horns, strobe lights, barking dogs, and other methods may work temporarily but bring along problems of their own. That's why The Liquid Fence Company developed our natural turkey repellent. It is equally effective repelling geese & ducks, too. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or public facility manager, our natural turkey repellent provides excellent turkey protection while being safe to use around plants, pets, and your family.

Turkeys: public nuisance no more!

How our natural turkey repellent works
The application of turkey repellent makes the food supply in the application area very undesirable to turkeys, geese and ducks. The elimination of the food source will completely change the feeding habits of these birds and cause them to look for a more desirable feeding location.

Easy-to-use with year-round effectiveness!
Simply spray our natural turkey repellent on and around areas where turkeys, geese, and ducks are present – lawns, fields, and paths! Best of all, it’s effective in all four seasons!

Why put up with Public Nuisance #1...
Try Liquid FenceŽ Goose Repellent today!

  • Natural - Like all of our products, Liquid Fence Goose Repellent is formulated from natural ingredients
  • Year Round Protection - Effective at repelling geese, turkeys and ducks year round
  • Safe to Use - Won't harm animals or plants when used as directed
  • Easy & Economical - Choose hose end or pump & spray applicators
  • Guaranteed - 100% Money-Back Guarantee