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Mole Repellent Concentrate2

How it works... Our repellent is formulated to coat earthworms and grubs, the main sources of food for moles. This creates a very undesirable meal, forcing these destructive nuisances to look elsewhere for food.

Non-gelling means non-clogging... Liquid Fence Mole Repellent Concentrate2 will keep your hose-end or tank sprayer clog-free at temperatures as low as 33˚ Fahrenheit – much lower than other mole repellents that will gel and clog at average well-water temperature! 

  • Harmless to plants and animals
  • Dries odorless
  • Clog-free formula
  • Repels moles from lawns, landscaped garden areas, flowers, shrubs and plants
Mole Repellent Concentrate2
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$14.99 - $84.99

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