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  • Beat deer to the buds with Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent.
  • Beat rabbits to the buds with Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent.
  • Control ticks in your backyard naturally and easily with Liquid Fence Yard Net.
  • Get rid of snakes quickly, easily, and naturally with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent.

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Is That Snake Venomous?

No one wants to come across a snake while they’re outside in the garden or walking in the woods. Even though chances of a bite (much less a venomous bite) are relatively low, most of us give any snake a wide berth. If you can resist the urge to run inside when you encounter one, … Continue Reading

Prevent Deer Damage

You might appreciate the occasional deer visitor in your yard – if you’re quick and quiet enough – but deer are at their hungriest in the spring, and they can become real pests in the garden. In urban areas, backyard plantings have become these animals’ primary source for food. To keep deer from wiping out … Continue Reading

Get Gardening!

We’re digging into the growing season this month! Now that the warm weather is finally here to stay this spring, it’s time to get out the gardening tools and get some color into the landscape. Whether you’re overhauling tired planting beds from last year or creating entirely new spaces, a thoughtfully planned garden will save … Continue Reading

Give Your Spring Lawn a Strong Start

Looking forward to a gorgeous, green spring lawn? Getting your season started off on the right foot with some seasonal groundwork just might make or break your lawn for the rest of the year. Aerate Extreme weather conditions, foot traffic and thatch buildup can thin out a lawn – even with the best care. Aerating, … Continue Reading

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Deer Repellent offers Year-Round Deer Protection

Liquid Fence's all natural Deer Repellent is designed to offer you year-round protection from deer and rabbits. Like all of Liquid Fence's animal repellents, our deer and rabbit repellent is proven effective at safely repelling deer and rabbits. Deer are constantly foraging for food, eating evergreens, shrubs and other landscape plants. If you haven't already been doing it, now is the time to start your regimen of Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent. When springtime bulbs poke out of the ground, they're like little signs that say "come eat me". To keep your landscape safe, all it takes is a few minutes and our all-natural Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent. Available in convenient quart ready-to-use sprayers to 2.5 gallon concentrates,and two and five pound granular in handy shaker containers for low-lying vegetation... so there is sure to be a perfect size to meet your needs. Over a million customers a year can't be wrong, Liquid Fence repellents really work!

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